Monday, 5 May 2008

Where's my money?!

You'll remember how delighted/embarrassed I was when the Mail on Sunday made Well Done Fillet their blog of the week. Well it turns out I wasn't the only one cheesed off about this.

Oh hell no.

Ruth spotted this article on the Guardian Unlimited website by Zoe Margolis and sent the linky my way. Blogger JonnyB from Private Secret Diary was also somewhat cheesed off by having his blog named blog of the week and that they lifted whole posts and published them without permission. So he invoiced them!

Huzzah for JonnyB.

And they not only apologised but paid up too. So not being one to look a gift horse/fight in the mouth I too will be invoicing The Mail on Sunday. I'd be letting down waiters all over the world if I didn't go after the cash!

The article is well worth a read for any and all bloggers.

Cheers Ruth!

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savannah said...

good for jonnyb! and to ruth, as well! they paid rather than fight, least they understood the possibility of litigation, sugar. i'll bet they stop publishing "blog of the week" ;-)

AnFearBui said...

The more money you screw out of that rag the better

Sam, problemchildbride said...

I like the way that MOS replied that they thought he'd be more grateful for the exposure than annoyed about his words being stolen. What arrogance! Jonnyb's a terrific blogger who needs zero help from the tabloid press to do what he does.

Good on him for billing them!

daisyfae said...

This is wonderful news! A victory on the eve of vacation - sweet!

I suppose i should learn more about that copyright thing... wordpress keeps pimping me on the dashboard (for no discernable reason) and i should understand bloggers rights...

sheepworrier said...

Mmmm - sweet, sweet money for nothing.

How'd LMM do in the marathon? Many congrats to her.

Btw folks, as a wee update to the flowers issue - I didn't bother, but tickets for Foy Vance went down a storm. I'll save the flowers for another time.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Invoice them. The only way to get their immediate attention. Any "newspaper' feigning ignorance of copyright law is laughable, they pay big money to lawyers to protect their material etc.

Invoice 'em.

Good on JonnyB.

Ruth Elkin said...

Great news! I'm glad to hear you're invoicing them! They need to pay up! Let us know the outcome!

(and thanks for the link!)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I want to invoice the MoS for using my blog posts in April's Blog of the Week. If you've any pointers on how to go about it, could you let me know? I'm clueless about it. if you've got a spare mo, I'd appreciate it!

fgeegf said...

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