Thursday, 15 May 2008

WDF's Two @ 8...

I phoned 11 restaurants looking for a table for two at 8pm on Saturday night.
Crikey, there's very little left!

These two have tables available at 8pm
(well they did at 3pm on Thursday)


Jude's 451 Ormeau Road Belfast, BT7 028 9064 6844

Porterhouse 245 Lisburn Rd Belfast, BT9 028 90382211


Roscoff 7-11 Linenhall Street Belfast BT20 28 9031 1150 has 2 available 7.45pm

Here's the rest if you fancy something early or late.

Deanes - 028 90331134 6pm only
Ginger Bistro - 028 90244421 6pm only
Molly's Yard - 6pm only 028 90322600 (Sheepworrier's review coming soon)
Tedfords - 028 90434000 6.30pm only
Drennans - 028 90204556 6pm only
Shu - 028 90381655 2 sittings 7 and 9.30pm, availability at 9.30pm
Aldens - 028 90650079 6 or 9.30pm
Mourne Seafood Bar - 028 90248544 6pm only

9 People trying to get Manuel's attention:

sheepworrier said...

Jeebus, i thought you were only joking about this... erm, thanks?

Must try the Mourne Seafood Bar at some point tho. Just wondering - is that a sister restaurant to the Mourne Seafood Bar in sunny Dundrum by any chance?

bendersbetterbrother said...

Friday, 2 for 6? (healthy kids menu, crayons a bonus).

I can't take a 4 yr old out at 8 on a Saturday.
1/ she'd be past hungry
2/ it would look.... strange, in an Austrian sort of way.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

"it would look.... strange, in an Austrian sort of way."


What a lovely bloke you are, Manuel, to find that stuff out for people. May all your tips be tops, my friend.

Blondefabulous said...

Should I ever get over my fear of flying over large bodies of water, I shall consult your fine online publication for a suitable eatery! really sat down and called all these places? You didn't have anything better to do? No construction workers to harrass?

Conan Drumm said...

Is your's one of these fine establishments or are you booked out?

Anonymous said...

What is this website?

Manuel said...

sheepo: me? joke? of muriel's review coming soon.....

bbb: I'll do a "family" special......

sam: yeah, I'm pretty special.....less pretty than special.....

blondie: ypu I sat down and called them......fake voice and everything.....

conan: it would be inappropriate for me to say.....

anonymous: who knows! hey I only work visited!

Miffy said...

Alden's also have a table for two at 9pm as we courteously rang and cancelled.

fgeegf said...

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