Friday, 25 April 2008


Waiters in India are to be vaccinated....

Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, April 24: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will soon start work on a vaccination project on Hepatitis A and typhoid. The vaccination project will be carried out in the various hotels and restaurants of the city.

A meeting in this regard was today held with the Restaurant and Hotelier Association of Eastern India and the health department officials of the civic body. A health department official said that the waiters who serve the food will be vaccinated by the respective restaurant authorities with the city civic body supervising the entire project. The vaccines will also be purchased by the association, a health department official added.

Officials said that the present vaccination programme was a preventive measure that was undertaken by the civic body. “Diseases like Hepatitis A and typhoid are most likely to occur from water and food. It is because of this that we are taking the preventive measures,” an official said. The vaccination programme will be carried out only in licensed hotels and restaurants of the Association.

A similar vaccination programme was carried out almost six years back in 2002 when Mr Subrata Mukherjee was the mayor but was not followed up in the later years. “We will start working on the project once the civic body receives a list of hotels and restaurants registered with the association,” an official said.

Pfft......I say vaccinate the punters instead. And whilst we are at it wash them and make them tuck their shirts in too.

6 People trying to get Manuel's attention:

Blondefabulous said...

And people wonder why I don't travel abroad..... I think I'll just go blow a wad of cash at Vegas again. I think they're already vaccinated!

Medbh said...

But won't the vaccinations protect the waiters from contracting the disease from patrons?

savannah said...

works for me, sugar! hell, it should happen everywhere! (don't get me started on the hep c my then 12 yr old kid contracted in amsterdam years ago while we were traveling!)

(mr moose just got back, so hassan is going to take pics of the badge wearing bloggers this weekend, i hope)

Manuel said...

I completely disassociate myself with this post.....not sure what I was thinking off.....medbh was always....

Medbh said...

I can see why you would think that it was a plan to punish waiters, Manuel
But think of all the scum you come in contact with every shift, touching their utensils and such. I used to wash my hands a gajillion times a day in the biz.

They should come up with a vaccination against assholes, too.

fgeegf said...

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