Saturday, 23 February 2008

I am waiter, hear me roar!

I'm not the only waiter in the world, despite what I may have you believe. And lots of them have blogs, here are the best of them from this weeks
Service Related Blog Carnival,
the Roundtable...
no arsed bastard....

Where to start.....Ryan from I Serve Idiots has been blogging on and off for quite a while now and has joined our happy little blog carnival. To Ryan and Idiot is an idiot, black, white, redneck or whatever. Now why cant everybody be so open minded.

Sometime waiter and full time crazy, Upset Waitress, is never one to let a good double entendre get in the way of a good read. She has been having wiener trouble, little wieners.

Customers are odd creatures, seriously they say the oddest things. Just ask Tony about his Creme brulee man.

At Least Call Me "Miss" has turned all wise and even though this is the shortest post ever, it is the most accurate.

Over at El Vermino Boulevard they have been watch some "classic" movies. Cat Ballou a classic? I dunno!

People never believe me when I tell them that St. Valentines day is a waste of time for waiters. Ask Lobster boy if you still don't believe me.

Ireland's own Queenie has been dealing with dogs and guests. Ha she deserves it! Only joking! Hehehehehe

The world's angriest server, Ribeye, has a new manager to contend with. Let me tell you I feel his pain. Honestly they always need broken, like horses. Maybe Ribeye can be like a horse whisperer but for new managers.....maybe!

As for me?

Fuck it you have read all my whinging haven't you?

But I was sent this by Mr DNA

from boingboing

Viva la Waiters!

Viva La Manuel!

12 People trying to get Manuel's attention:

Anonymous Boxer said...



Mr.DNA is funny and I HAVE read every one of your whingings.

bendersbetterbrother said...

Not one of them had a pisher though. Maybe one of them will trump it with a defecation post. Rather them than you, eh?

Old Knudsen said...

you left me out, I wait for stuff all the time.

Still waiting for death.

Queen Of Clean said...

Oi bollox! I deserve nothing more than respect!

I have just given Ribey some very valid advice...see, I am not a Royal Bitch!!

(BBB....I don't play trumps,) but, yes Manny, I have can tell you few 'Christmas log' type stories...if only there more hours in the day.

Manuel said...

boxer: awh ....

bbb: you have to work in a very fine establishment to get a poo'er......

old k: soon old man soon......just close your eyes....

queenie: go ahead!!

Medbh said...

Love the Que poster, Manuel, and I'll be saving that. Kewl.
See you in a week, homie.

Queen Of Clean said...

You'll rue the day you dared me to tell all about how much shit I have cleaned up in my long and happy career!

Native Minnow said...

This could be the start of something big. A waiter revolucion perhaps?

Quickroute said...

I used to work in Burgerking. Does that qualify me as a waiter?...pls

MJ said...

Does having had a waiter slip me his phone number count for anything?

yoyo said...

YOU forgot the cooks!

Typical of you bloody food flingers, never appreciate the ones who do the *real* work!!

(I mean cooks, not chefs, mind you.)

*flounces off in rage*

fgeegf said...

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