Wednesday, 20 June 2007


I despise, hate, and am generally fucked off with Virgin Media. I have just spent hours upon hours trying to get rid of that bloody "WE'RE GIVING YOUR BROWSER A BOOST" message. Boost is it? Fuck off. I couldn't access my blogger account, couldn't post anything, couldn't comment on anything.

Instructions only applied to Window's users and for users of Firefox and IE! I'm on a Mac and use Camino. Jesus H Christ gimme a break! My head hurts and I wanna smack something or somebody. And I'm not sure if I have just given my Browser a Boost or cleared the path for the Russian Mafia to clear my bank account. Seriously I don't know what I have just done. In the end I just restarted the mac and it was all back to normal. Now if I had done that 3 hours ago then I wouldn't have this dull pain in my head.

7 People trying to get Manuel's attention:

Old Knudsen said...

I caused the Wall street crash of 1929, keep it to yerself.

Fat Sparrow said...

Having to deal with computer fuckery really makes you appreciate a pen, some paper, and the mail service.

Wait, no it doesn't.

Conortje said...

If only smacking your computer worked I'd never have any problems with mine.

ellie said...

Smack your computer, thrash it, throw it out the window, just don't and I repeat... DON'T ever try to get help from the Virgin Media Technichal Support Centre. Spent an entire morning arguing with them recently over a router/modem problem, both of which they provided and installed but they refuse tech support for routers, so in order to repair my problem I had to disconnect the router, link my laptop to the modem directly and then call them back! Grrrrrrrrrr I'm still angry.

Manuel said...

old k: shhhhh

fat sparrow: correct

Conortje: if only...


savannah said...


poor you!

(i'm catching up on all my reading, sugar)

Anonymous said...

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