Sunday, 20 May 2007

What a load of horseshit

you can just imagine the swearing!

Those bunny huggers from PETA have got themselves in a right mess over Gordon Ramsay's plans to encourage us all to eat horse meat. I personally have to take the credit for this. I posted horse recipes on this blog ages ago. And clearly Mr Ramsay was inspired by these. Wonder if he will be encouraging us to eat penis and anus. Here they are in case you missed them. It's true that I posted them as I was pissed off at not having won anything in the Grand National horsey race and not because of my love of well cooked Seabiscuit.

Mega-kitten lovers PETA aren't impressed and decided to dump a lorry load of horse poo outside Ramsay's Claridge's restaurant in London. That will teach him eh. What with all the free publicity on TV and in the papers. And it's unlikely that the sweary one will be out with a shovel cleaning it himself. Deluded soy munchers.

Reading the comments on their website you would think they had destroyed the man:

Doug said: "all i can say is YES YES YES!!!"

Drew said: "That's awesome! That's totally awesome!"

Linda said: "Is there nothing that this man will stop at - his
continued attention-seeking antics to raise his television ratings and continue to try and shock the nation?
As a horse-owner and watching this - I was appalled at the lack of sensitivity to those of us that have a love for our equine friends. And as for Janet Street-Porter bbq'ing horse steaks outside Cheltenham Race Course left a distinct bitter taste. Clearly she has no compassion and has never been close to a horse! Would they eat their pets?"

Not everybody agreed though:

Steve Monk said: "Why don't you fuck off and let people make their own decisions! Your worse than the people you campaign against!"

But an Anonymous Commentator said it best: "What a load of bollocks ! PETA should stick the veggies up your arse, maybe then you'd have something worthwhile to discuss."

As you all know I blame Gordon Ramsay for everything wrong in the world, but I feel a sneaking admiration for him for trying this. He probably knew he would get some flack. So well fucking done, as he might say.

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12 People trying to get Manuel's attention:

paddy said...

I could Murder a medium rare steak right now. How about you Mr. Ed.
Me, why I could eat a horse but not that soya muck, eating that shit is fuckin' up the rain forests.
And I'll have a couple of shots Red-Rum to wash it all down.
("I think I'm gettin' worse.")
Y;-) Paddy

Manuel said...

Mr Ed! Hahahahahaha!

Old Knudsen said...

I've always wanted to taste horse, in France I was given the chance but my French then was poor and I stuck with chicken as I could say that.

I took a shit outside of Cayenne when it was Roscoffs once, is that where you work?

Medbh said...

I don't eat meat personally but I cook and serve it for others. What people eat is their own business.
PETA has a horrible misogynist tendency in their campaigns so I avoid them at all costs. They value animal rights over women's rights.
So fuck them.

Manuel said...

Old K: Wrong again.

Medbh: You go girl. Swearing and everything, quality

savannah said...

having had a grilled steak, medium rare and copious amounts of wine...fuck'em and the horse they rode in on!

Kav said...

I have nothing to add except to reinforce the view that PETA are cunts.

savannah, I'd rather eat a horse than fuck one.

ellie said...

Kav: Im saying nothing, read back !

fatmammycat said...

PETA eh? Wonder they didn't get some woman to strip naked to protest against folk eating horse meat. I mean after all being against EATING meat is MUCH more important that USING women as meat.

Conortje said...

That's awesome, That's totally awesome! :-)

Fat Sparrow said...

"continued attention-seeking antics to raise his television ratings and continue to try and shock the nation?"

Funny, that's how I see PETA.

Anonymous said...

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