Saturday, 31 May 2008

Waiter Club, it's bloody great...

Waiter Club, it really is bloody great. Here's the plan. A number of waiters, both male and female (I cant be doing with the word waitress, it's as useless as manageress or "Adam Sandler") will meet for lunch on either a Thursday or a Friday. Our needs are simple, steak, cooked for but a moment, and served quickly. Speed is important as we will most likely be on our splits so we have to get there and back allowing us time for our second favourite activity, smoking and drinking coffee.

Where: Morning Star Pottingers Entry Belfast

We ordered: 3 6oz Ribeye Steaks, 1 rare, 2 medium rare

We got: 3 6oz Ribeye Steaks, 1 rare, 2 medium rare. Proper chips and a salad (the salad was mine) (honest!)

We thought: It was good, really good. The steaks were cooked to perfection and served within ten minutes. The menu in The Morning Star is huge, I mean there are pages and pages of options. This tends to worry me but the one thing they are famed for is steak. They only offer sirloin and ribeye, there could be fillet but I got lost looking for it, but they offer the other two in every possible size. There is a 48oz sirloin option if you think you could manage such a thing. It has to be ordered 48 hours in advance. That's 8 times larger than what we had in front of us. Mummy! But we all regretted not ordering a larger steak, 6 oz is small and the meat was good. The service was bright and breezy and very friendly. The only quibble we had and it's fairly minor is that our steak were served on sizzling pans. I'm not a fan as they are a bit of an 80's throw back. But I'll be prepared for that next time. I wonder what the serve the 48oz one on. A bin lid?

We paid: About £12.00 each including drinks and service.

Would we go back? Certainly, well worth it. But would probably upgrade to a proper sized steak the next time. Who the hell was I trying to kid with a 6oz steak? Pfft....

Well done to The Morning Star, it's Waiter Approved

12 People trying to get Manuel's attention:

Medbh said...

But on a split shift do you want to have much more than 6oz, Manuel? Too much would make me sleepy and slow.
I can't do a big meal in the middle of the day without a nap.

Who needs a 48oz steak?

savannah said...

if i EVER get to belfast, at least i'll know where to eat, sugar! xoxo

Anonymous Boxer said...

OK, OK, the food was good... so what did you all talk about?

paddy said...

Steak is MDMA for old people. You just feel plain happy after eating it. It also helps if you wash it down with ballsy reds which always helps my mood. One of the best things about life in Australia is these two things are cheap as chips. And much cheaper than pills!

Quickroute said...

sounds to me like you're starting a waiters trade union!

bendersbetterbrother said...

Our paths nearly crossed manuel.
Walked right past there twice yesterday.

I like the idea of the waiters' club. Good, simple steak is a rarity. See what I did?

fatmammycat said...

I dunno, I always think steak is overrated, but the paramour's eyes glaze over with drool whenever it's on the menu. It may very well be a man thing. I'd take seafood every time.

fatmammycat said...

Arp, just saw Paddy's excellent description. MDMA for old folk it is.

BK said...

It is a bloody great idea.
I can imagine great lines of black and white clad waiters trooping into restaurants at lunchtime with appraising looks at staff and establishment, exchanging significant glances, remarking with quiet murmurs to each other about the service.

Michelle said...

I love steak, and a 6 ouncer would never do it for me...sounds delicious nevertheless!

Comrade Stalin said...

I used to go for steaks in t' Morning Star all the time (even when my brother worked there as a chef). The service wasn't usually great, and the owners made a habit of basically ignoring their list of reservations and letting in anyone who came to the door, meaning those of us who had booked often had to endure long waits at the bar before being seated.

Still the steaks were fantastic, especially the 24oz rump steak.

They'll do a 36oz or 48oz, as Manuel says, but you have to phone through 48 hours in advance. Has anyone ever actually done this?

fgeegf said...

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