Thursday, 26 April 2007

Manners? Who needs them?!

a little pea

Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child is a spoilt brat that needs taught how to act in public and should really know better seeing as they are about 40 years old.

Doesn't really flow as well as the original but it's accurate.

Situation 1:

Middle aged "lady" approaches The Princess stepping right into her personal space, so close in fact that noses nearly touched, and says:

"A, can we smoke?
B, can we get a drink?
C, can I get some cod? I see it's not on your menu but I want some?"

No time for the out dated niceties of "Hello" and "Excuse me" and just a bit of fucking patience.
Each question was barked out in the style of a frustrated geography teacher. If she had added "D, what is the capital of Ethiopia? Come on child, EEEE THEE OOOPIA, whats the capital?" I wouldn't have been surprised.

The Princess wasn't having it at all and replied,

"A, no.
B, just as soon as you sit down.
C, no"

The Princess turned on her heels and walked away muttering, "Aye, yer roots". Which was reference to her badly dyed hair and not her heritage, apparently. I swear a little trickle of pee escaped I was laughing so hard. Speaking in lists isn't cool and just shows you up for the authorocratic, jumped up little shite you are. Don't do it. You might do it in your own office, I don't care, but knock it off when you go out to eat or drink.

the future

Situation 2:

Your trusty hero was minding his own business this afternoon, enjoying a quiet coffee and a smoke in a nearby coffee shop, when I felt the stale musty stench of death approach me. Lurching over my table stood two old duffers.

"You can't do that next week" croaked old duffer number one

"No.." added old duffer number 2. I immediately earmarked number one as the brains of the duo.

"You'll have to give it up, that smoking's no good. We were watching you there. One after the other after the other" continued old duffer number 1.

With cunning insight and great force old duffer number 2 piped in with "Too many"

Number one suddenly got a bit agitated as he knew I wasn't really taking any notice of their old men ramblings and upping the volume a bit continued with "And it's not fair for us non-smokers with all that in the air."

I could see other smokers around me moving their fags under their tables in fear that they maybe next for a lecture. I had to suppress my natural rage/rudeness and let it slide. I sort of admire old people and hope to be one in the future. But leave me alone for two minutes please. This sort of hassle does nothing for my persecution complex.

They shuffled on muttering away to themselves and I wondered for a moment if it had really happened. Had the drug induced flashbacks I was promised in the mid-nineties finally started. The chap at the table adjacent to mine was looking my way and clearly having witnessed the visit of the two old duffers of the apocalypse said "That's you told then init?" Told, indeed.

You can fuck off too "Mr Nosey-Smiles-a-lot."
I wouldn't mind but I was sitting in the smoking section. Old gits...

11 People trying to get Manuel's attention:

Anonymous said...

Great picture.

Conortje said...

They probably went round the corner and had a good laugh. I bet this is how they spend their days - lecturing to the youth knowing that they're untouchable. Who's going to shout at an old man?I'm actually quite jealous I'd love to go wherever I want spouting off to strangers. Actually that's a little bit like what I do anyway ... nevermind.

toast said...

telt surely it should be thats you telt

paddy said...

Rather you than me having to take that.
My life has become a flash back: "Purple haze all around don't know if I'm conin' up or down, am I happy or in misery, whatever it is that waiter put a shape on me".

whyioughtta said...

I was at the grocery store the other day and this little old couple was sort of on the same aisle route as me. He kept looking at me and muttering to his wife. Finally, I smiled at him with a cocked eyebrow, as in, "Yes?" He looks down at my purse, which was in my grocery cart and says "You want to keep your eye on that, there's people who will rob you when your back's turned." And I smile and thank him and he frowns at me and barks "You won't be smiling when someone steals your wallet, missy!" and storms off.

Er...thanks for the advice? Old grump-ass.

JD said...

Have to say I've never come across anyone who speaks in lists before, although I have to confess I did send an email today in which I segmented by points into a) and b).

Does this make me a bad person?

Manuel said...

DbC: Peas are great...

conortje: old bastards, can't wait...

toast: as susinct as ever, reminds me of the Golden Cow butter advert, "nat til worry.."

paddy: i was promised flashbacks and by fuck i want em

wio: hehehehe

jd: i'll ruminate and answer at a later date...

Old Knudsen said...

You don't want to be portraying old people in a bad light on yer blog, for the simple reason I'll gut ya like a fish and squirt me tartar sass all over ya, laugh and walk off.

Its the Le Belle Epoc right? I think you served me once, remember when I asked if you had frogs legs? oh how I laughed, bet ya don't hear that one much.

Your'e a tall albino with a limp if memory serves right.

Manuel said...

old k: La belle epoque eh? Been shut for ten years. Good restaurant though. Keep trying you old incontinent git...

Anonymous said...

Jeez Manuel but you're so right, Old people? what the hell's that all about. They also have a god given right to attempt to come out of a shop, but just stand in the door way pondering their next venture so as to greatly irritate for escalators..?! They're not that complex...just put your fucking foot on it and go, don't just stand there..... I swear!

Anonymous said...

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